Chakras: A Balancing Act. Have you ever noticed that when you reminisce about something good from your past, you may catch yourself smilling? Or perhaps you recall something that may heart you or upset you and you find yourself suddenly feeling drained or sad. This isn't a mere coincidence, your thoughts have the ability to control the energy that flows in and around you. 

What are Chakras? According to Doreen Virtue, Ph.D, different energy centres within your body correspond to certain thinking habits. For example, if you are always concerned with money, these thoughts will be linked to a particular energy centre. These energy centres are more commonly known as chakras. Your body is filled with hundreds of chakras that dictate the flow of energy throughout your body. When healthy they should spin like a wheel in a clockwise direction, brightly and full of light. When you feel depressed, stressed or run down, your chakras become dirty and dark and have difficulty filtering through enough energy. When you put aside worries and release your fears to universe, you will help your chakras to function to their full potential. 

Alphamusic 'The 7 Chakras' CD focuses on the seven most common chakras, the ones that affect your everyday life. These chakras are deep inside your body and alphamusic helps them spin like a wheel in a clockwise direction. 

Who may find "The 7 Chakras" especially useful? 

●  Therapists working on chakras
●  Individuals working on chakras
●  Complementary Health practitioners find this music helps clients relax, yet remain alert to their physical responses
●  It forms a positive and supportive background

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