"Silence of Voice" helps you express yourself, communicate more openly and take in information more easily. It is classic alphamusic, and corresponds tonally with the 5 Chakra, governing throat, larynx, neck and shoulders often the centre of great stress. It opens up both your listening and speaking skills. It can make you feel deeply emotional in an open, expressive way. Excellent music to study with an outstanding aid to staying focused for long periods. 

Reported Listener Benefits 

●  Stimulates communication
●  Improves self-expression
●  Improves focus and decision-making
●  Eases feelings of grief and loss
●  Settles hyperactive behaviour
●  Relieves symptoms of stress and anxiety
●  Soothing and Forgiving
●  Silence of Voice is reported to be especially useful for: Admin and office tasks – studying – State of flow – Special needs – Sensory rooms.

Listen to a sample of the sound of the Silence of Voice

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