"Silence of Vision" lifts your mood, stimulating feelings of calm joyfulness. Helps you feel more grounded and think more clearly. Excellent studying music, removes feelings of stress and pressure; focus and concentrate with ease for long periods. Corresponds tonally with the 6 Chakra a powerful aid to recuperation. A unique juxtaposition of ethereal yet grounding tones. 

The composer says: "It's the ballet of the planets." It can induce a very deep, trance – like meditational state allows you to develop and enhance your intuition. 

Reported Listener Benefits 

●  Coping with migraines and headaches
●  Heightens empathy; emotional intelligence
●  Great study aid – improved concentration and focus
●  Insomnia? Induces sleep in minutes
●  Chronic headaches
●  Symptoms of stress and anxiety

Listen to a sample of the sound of the Silence of Vision

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