A piano solo played on a Steinway acoustic Grand. Silence of Love in the Key of C corresponds with the 2nd Chakra: Partnership, Lower back, gynaecological and urinary tract issues, sexual potency, Tantra. Tantra is to make love whilst being in meditative state, allowing you and your partner to be fully present and focus in on each others needs, thoughts and vibrations. 'Silence of Love' can enhance this process, being composed and performed in John's mesmerizing and trance like style. 

Reported Listener Benefits  

●  Raises your spirits, increases optimism
●  Restores self-confidence: Belief in new or renewal of love
●  Tantra/Love Making
●  Release old hurts and grudges
●  Conflict resolution - family/group therapy sessions
●  Massage, Reiki and Bowen therapies
●  Building confidence and core balance
●  Yoga, Tantra, Qigong, Swiss-ball work, free-dance

    Listen to a sample of the sound of the Silence of Love

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