Optimism returns. Symptoms of anxiety recede. Ideal companion to Tantra and love-making. 

"When I am listening to Silence of Light I am filled with hope. It feels like waking up fully refreshed and happy to face the new day after a long night's sleep. It feels like I have sunshine on my face." 

Adrienne, CEO, Corporate business, UK 

Connecting heaven and earth, allowing the mind to link with the spiritual universe; the alpha stratosphere. A furtherance of Silence of Vision, it will allow you to fly high, with your feet planted safely on the ground. Silence of Light corresponds tonally with the 7th Chakra (Crown) – KEY OF B. 

Reported Listener Benefits 

●  Love-making, Tantra
●  Meditators: deepens awareness
●  Lifts your spirits, optimism returns
●  Relieves symptoms of anxiety
●  Working with faith, spirituality and perspective
●  Psychotherapy, Teachers, Hypnotherapy
●  Relationship and marriage counselling
●  Massage and Beauty Therapy
●  Core balance work: Yoga, Qigong, Pilates

Listen to a sample of the sound of the Silence of Light

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