By Sonia Ducie ISBN 978-1-907486-52-4 Do you want to give your baby the best possible start in life? Then choose the perfect name with the help of Numerology and see how the power of numbers can create a positive influence throughout your child's life. Choosing your baby's name is a unique and exciting experience, but it can also feel like a huge responsibility for parents. Sonia Ducie will help to make the process of naming your baby fun and easy. The ancient science and psychology of numbers will reveal the truth about how to tap into any name at a very deep level to expose its true essence. Learn how the energy of numbers can help you explore the gifts, challenges and hidden potential awaiting your child. 

  • Analyze any baby name using Numerology to work out how advantageous that name will be for your child 
  • Discover the significance of First, Middle and Family Names and the importance of the 'Expression Number' (the combined number of all three names) 
  • Benefit from a detailed analysis of 100 of the most popular baby names 
  • Be inspired by a list of 1,000 of the most widely used boys' and girls' names 

Sonia is the best-selling author of 11 Numerology books, also, 'The Self Help Reflexology Handbook'; translated into 14 languages. With a background in journalism and an early fascination for science and mathematics, Sonia was drawn to the intuitive and transformational aspects of Numerology. Sonia's been giving workshops, business seminars, consultations, and professional training for more than 18 years. She is a teacher at The Connaissance School Of Numerology, UK. Sonia continues to be inspired, and inspire others with Numerology. From naming babies and businesses, to dates for new product launches, to spiritual development and soul growth...Numerology is for everyone. Discover more to life!

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