This positive, gentle music stimulates imagination and playfulness in small children and infants and evokes the playful child in adults as well! Cleverly using the high, bell-like tones of a child's toy piano these sounds are particularly appealing to the sensitive ears of small children they attract and hold a child's attention. This CD is not intended for sleep it is meant to encourage the imagination. Great for playtime, bathtime, getting dressed in the morning. Pre-school carers will love using this music during creative play. 

Parents and children report good results for:  

●  Stimulating imagination
●  Encouraging creative play
●  Background to story-telling, relaxed chat
●  Making busy times calm and fun
●  Children 3-7 (and the kid in you, too!)
●  Sick kids and children's wards
●  Play and art-therapists – a must-have

 Listen to a sample of the sound of Alphamusic at Play

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