Stress-related disorders are the epidemic of our time. 

Alphamusic is reported to be very effective and is highly recommended by professionals. Everyday symptoms of stress are sleeplessness, depression, loss of energy, whirling thoughts, overwhelming emotion, hyperactivity and feelings of helplessness. Illnesses arising from stress - hypertension, heart disease, some cancers, muscle strain, back and neck ache, gastric ulcer and chronic fatigue syndrome are just a few. 

Over 250,000 people world-wide use John Levine's alphamusic to help cope with the symptoms of anxiety. The Alphamusic range is composed by John B. Levine, Australian-born graduate composer, pianist and teacher of meditation. 

The "Silence" series are simple and deeply resonant piano music. They are usually used as a powerful, pure and aesthetic means to calm the mind, in preparation for any task which needs focus, alertness and presence. All four CDs feature John Levine on piano. 

The "Amber" and "Orange" CD's are more upbeat. These pieces are multi-instrumental and suited for use during work or study. Highly recommended as background for therapeutic exercise such as qi gong, yoga and pilates. 

None of these products contain subliminal messages. They achieve their powerful effect through the composer's awareness of how music actually affects our mind and mood. To design this music, John has integrated his profound knowledge of the structure and function of music and of the physical behaviour and responses of the brain.