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 This  15th  century  building, set  on  the  crossing  of two  ley  lines,  has  been  our  base  for  15  years.   Our  mystical  shop  offers  angels,  divination,  Tarot,  Earth  mysteries,  fairies,  elementals,  healing,  therapies,  Wicca,  shamanism,  numerology,  astrology,  feng  shui,  personal  development,  spiritual  wisdom,  myths  and  symbols.   You  will  find  rainbow  crystals,  music, books,  greetings  cards,  jewellery,  gemstones,  Fairtrade  goods,  card  decks,  incense  and  many  other  things  to  uplift  and  enlighten  your  day.


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All kinds of workshops, spiritual groups and therapies at The Cave Shop. From Numerology to Tea Cup reading workshops!  Therapies form Reiki, Homeopathy to personal tarot readings!

Orders  over  £55  are  delivered  FREE  in  the  UK.   So  are  ANY  orders  from  our  Rainbow  crystal  collection!


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Read  about  our  Numerology and  Esoteric  Tarot  Courses at www.numerologyworld.org